USPS EAP [Employee Assistance Program] Benefits, Contact

USPS Liteblue Employee Assistance Program is also known as EAP. It is a free program that allows all their employees to get essential services such as stress management, anxiety, or depression control, many other life challenges. If you are an employee of USPS, then you will get support when you are faced with any problem at any time.

The United States Postal Service is the largest postal service company in the U.S. It has employed many workers across it over thirty thousand post offices in the United States. But according to this company, their employees are so crucial in-service delivery. That’s why they have the Employee Assistance Program.

Not only does it serve you as an employee of USPS, but also your family members can access services provided through this portal.

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What Personal Concerns Do Employee Assistance Program Resolve?

As you have read, this program is only available to United States Postal Service employees and their family members. But what help will you get through EAP?

First, you should understand that when working in a large corporation like USPS, different employees undergo specific difficulties in life. Through this program, you, as an employee or your kin, will be able to receive the following assistance.

Work Stress

  • Low efficiency, performance decrease, and non-attendance are effects of work stress. If you ever have this problem, please visit the EAP portal and get quick assistance.

Depression and Anxiety

  • When you are depressed or anxious, it will affect your general performance in work. To avoid low-performance, USPS encourages all its members with such issues to go to the Employee Assistance Program for help.

Financial Concerns

  • Money is vital in day-to-day life. Without enough money to fulfill your responsibilities, you will be worried. That’s not good for you as an employee. Therefore, when you have such a challenge, feel free to talk to EAP counselors.

Family Issues

  • Not every day, you will be happy in your marriage. You might encounter a challenge that you may require professional advice. Hence, USPS through EAP so it best to help their employees who have such problems.

Anger Management

  • Everyone gets angry at one point in life. However, some people have anger management problems. If you are an employee and you know that you have this problem. Don’t fear seeking help from the Employee Assistance Program. As such, an issue can lead to bad relationships with your fellow employees.

Substance Abuse

  • You might be having drug or alcohol problems, and you would wish to stop all that and focus on your job at USPS. The only problem you don’t know of a professional to help with that. Look no more as EAP therapists can help you stop substance abuse.

Other help you will get from this program include;

  • ElderCare
  • Parenting problems
  • Grief or Loss of a family member
  • Dealing with change
  • Issues to do with a relationship

If you or your family member ever have such issues, please seek help from EAP.

Liteblue EAP USPS Employee Assistance Program

How to Access EAP Services?

  1. When you want to get help from the Employee Assistance Program, know that you can reach the EAP counselors at any time via phone.
  2. Call them through 1-800-327-4968, 1-800-EAP-4YOU, or TTY: 1-877-492-7341.
  3. They are available 24/7 throughout the year. So, for any kind of help, don’t hesitate to call them.
  4. Furthermore, you can visit EAP’s official website for more information.

How Qualified is an EAP Counselor?

When it comes to personal problems and seeking help, you need a professional—a person who will understand your situation and journey with you in resolving it.

For high-level and quality services, USPS has employed highly-qualified individuals to counsel you. The minimum qualification of an EAP counselor is a Master’s degree in either Social Work or Counselling.

The reason for this is to ensure your safeguarding your problems and people who understand ethical standards.

Employee Assistance Program Services

Here are the services you will get when you seek help from EAP.

Face-to-Face Counselling

  • If you feel you are not comfortable with calling, you can choose to meet a therapist face-to-face and share with them your life challenges.

Telephone Counselling

  • You can get counseling by calling clinicians. The numbers are 1-800-327-4968, 1-800-EAP-4YOU, or TTY: 1-877-492-7341.

Video Therapy

  • You can also reach EAP counselors through video links and get help at any time.

Text Therapy

  • If you prefer texting, then you can do that via the TALKSPACE messaging platform to chat with therapists. This service is free.

Online Therapy

  • For free online help, please consider using my strength.

NB: Remember, all these services are available to all USPS employees and their family members.

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The Best Time to Call Employee Assistance Program

Whether its personal or work-related problems, always feel free to contact EAP clinicians at any time. The main aim of EAP is to resolve whatever situation you are undergoing in life. Other than solutions to problems, you can also call EAP when you need help in making critical choices.

How Does Counselling Work?

When you contact a therapist, they will first make sure you understand what you are going through by clarifying your problem.

Next, you and the counselor will look at different options for solving your problem.

Lastly, they will give you a plan on how to overcome your troubles.

Do I Pay for the Services Offered by EAP Counselors?

When you consult an EAP therapist, there is no cost for USPS employees. However, when you require additional help from counselors, you can get it but at your own expense. Furthermore, you can use a personal insurance cover or health benefit plan provided by the Federal government.

About Job Security

Most employees are afraid to seek for EAP services because they fear they may lose their jobs. That’s not true. No one forces you to seek help, but it’s your initiative. Hence, your problems will not affect your position in any way.

Many USPS Liteblue employees have been looking for in-depth information about the Employee Assistance Program. Thanks for your reading to the end. For any question, please leave a comment, and you will get an instant reply.


Does the employee have to make the initial contact for a family member?

You don’t have to take your family member for counseling. If they need help, they can go individually and get assistance from Employee Assistance Program counselors.

Can I Get More Than Personal or Work-Related Help?

If you have multiple problems, you can talk to the counselor and get help. You are not confined to getting help from one problem.

Is My Session with a Counselor Confidential?

It is confidential. No matter the issue, nothing will be recorded in your OPF (official personnel file).