USPS Benefits for New And Converting Employees

USPS or United States Postal Services is a renowned agency. It exists as an independent executive branch of the federal government of the country.

The organization has a workforce of more than 600,000 employees and is managed with an exclusive app called Liteblue.

If you are about to join the organization or planning to apply, here are some of the perks and benefits of being a part of the agency.


USPS Benefits for Employees
USPS Compensation

Each employee gets remunerated in the form of basic pay which is complemented with necessary allowances.

In addition to this, each employee also gets paid for the overtime done, night shifts, and work done on holidays like Sundays.

In order to keep a track of this, USPS has partnered with Liteblue which is a web portal, created to maintain records of the employees.

Once you join the organization, you are given a unique id and password which is used to access your account on Liteblue.

The account of the employee has all the relevant details about the status of the employee. It contains information regarding overtime, sick leaves, holidays, insurance and investments, etc.

Leaves granted

If you are a career employee who has less than 3 years of service tenure in the organization, you are entitled to 4 hours of leave per day.

However, if you have a service tenure somewhere between 3 to 15 years, you shall be earning 6 hours of leave on a per-day basis. For employees with experience of 15+ years, the decided period of leave is 8 hours per day.

Moreover, if you are a newly hired employee, you must complete 90 days of employment without any leave before you start earning leaves. For full-time employees who are serving for a long time, the leaves are credited to their account at the beginning of the year.

It must also be noted that at any given point of time, an employee can only carry forward 560 hours of leave period to the next year.

Sick leave and vacation

The postal department of the United States is quite generous while offering sick leaves and vacations to its employees. When it comes to sick leaves, employees are entitled to have 4 hours of sick leave daily.

Moreover, there is no limit to the maximum number of sick leaves that can be carried forward.

During the first 3 years of employment, the employees earn annual leaves of 13 days every year. This increases to 20 days every year after completion of 3 years of employment.

Employees who have completed 15 years of service with the organization earn 26 days of annual leave every year.

If you become a full-time employee with USPS, you are also given 4 hours per day of leave. This is completely insured against any loss of income due to accident or illness.

Health benefits and cover

USPS Health Benefits
USPS Health Benefits

The health program is also extended from the USPS in order to provide risk cover to the employees. The employees are enrolled in a Federal Employees Health Benefits or FEHB program.

This offers cost paid coverage and flexibility. There are numerous plans included in the spectrum. This includes the Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), fee-for-service, high deductible, and consumer-driven health plans.

Most of the contributions made by the employees are spared from taxation. It is highly convenient for the employees to participate in these schemes and manage their tax liability.

Life insurance

USPS also guarantees life insurance cover to its employees. It is extended by means of FEGLI or Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program.

This term life insurance policy is bought by means of timely deductions from payroll.

The basic coverage is proportionate to the annual basic pay of the employee. If the employee opts for a basic plan, there are three other options available-

  • Standard plan which is fixed at $10,000
  • Additional which is five times the amount of basic pay
  • A family which is available for the spouse and children of the employee

The long term care program of the USPS is also aimed at offering security and support to the employees and the family members who are eligible for the plan.

It is extended by the FLTCIP or the federal long term care insurance program.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Thrift Savings Plan
Thrift Savings Plan

The thrift savings plan are a form of savings and investment option. This is provided to the employees of the USPS and other agencies of the federal government.

It is similar to the 401k plan and intends to offer financial support after retirement. Most schemes that form a part of the plan are long term based and yield decent returns with less risk.

An employee is free to choose the scheme that he finds suitable. He can also invest in more than one scheme based on his basic pay. Deductions are made from the payroll while the principal amount and the returns are exempted from tax.

The scheme requires the organization to contribute a sum of money proportionate to the investment made by the employee.

The automatic contributions are 1% of the total investment while the manual contribution is fixed up to 5% of the basic pay.

Any employee can take part in the TSP scheme and manage the investment directly from the Liteblue account. Each employee has an individual account which contains information about the investment.

It also tracks the changes in the market conditions. You can easily log in to your account and retrieve information regarding your saving and investment plans.

What more?

The thrift saving plans can also be mortgaged for loans subject to certain terms and conditions.

In totality, USPS provides for a comprehensive package to its employees. This is applicable to new entrants as well as veteran employees. These benefits are vital to the morale of the workforce.

Acquiring information before joining the organization would help you to invest your savings accordingly.