Liteblue PostalEase: Login at EWSS.USPS.Gov

PostalEase is the telephone system developed by USPS to help its employees to enroll themselves with the organization. Using PostalEase, an employee can either enroll, modify, or cancel his/her enrolment in the Postalease FEHB or Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and TSP(Thrift Savings plan). The system is highly secure, convenient, and confidential in order to facilitate financial transfers between employees and the organization.

The USPS or United States postal service had developed the system much prior to its web portal known as Liteblue USPS.  The following article shall guide you through the Postal ease benefits, Liteblue Postalease login procedure, and registration on the system.

What is the purpose of PostalEase?

PostalEase is the name given to the telephonic system which acts as an alternative for making payments on USPS. The payments made through the system are extremely safe and secure. Moreover, the system also provides allotments liquidated services with the help of selected options like net direct deposit.

PostalEase Login can be used to enroll yourself in the Thrift Savings Plan. With the help of this facility, any employee can,

  • Register themselves for making direct deposits in the account
  • Make necessary changes and contributions in the contributions made after specific time periods
  • Determine the amount that needs to be deposited from the payroll through the web portal
PostalEase Liteblue
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How to Login to PostalEase?

The Postalease system is accessible to all the employees of the USPS and can be accessed through the web portal or telephone.

  1. You can Sign in to Liteblue/Postalease online by logging on to
  2. Make sure you have all the details necessary to log in successfully.
  3. You will need Liteblue Portal User ID/Employee ID and password. If you are a new worker then scroll down and read how to sign up and get your account.

If you are using a telephone for the same, you will need-

  • The SSN or the Social Security Number which is the core of the identity of an individual in the United States
  • The PIN code of the USPS where the employee works. If you are not aware of your USPS PIN, you can simply call PostalEase and have the organization to mail it to your recorded address within the next 10 days
  • If there are any changes that are to be made in the TSP account with respect to the bank account of the account holder, one will also need a Financial Institution Routing Number which is provided by the bank, the type of bank, and the account number of the employee. However, one only requires this when there are changes like direct deposit sign up are sought after.

Setting up Liteblue PostalEase Account

If you are worried about setting up your account on PostalEase, take a sigh of relief for it is quite a simple process that is created keeping in mind that the employees belong to all age groups.

Thus, care has been taken to simplify the entire process and incorporate technology that can be comprehended by all the employees.

One of the primary requirements for enrolling in the system is to be a part of the organization. USPS has a secure and safe system designed for TSP and its transactions which only allows access if the user is serving in the organization.

Thus, no family member or friend of yours can set up your account without your credentials.

Some of the basic credentials as explained above are your social security number and PIN code of your USPS. In addition to this, you also need the account number of your personal USPS FCU account and a USPS FCU routing number. The number has seven digits with a 0 which is placed at the end. This is done to ease the default routing of automatic deposits. By default, this number is 254075441.

Once you have completed your entries, you shall be hearing the following information and must note it down somewhere for future reference-

  • The confirmation number
  • The date on which your choices shall be processed
  • The dated paycheck which shall reflect your choices
  • Visit for more info.

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Where to contact for assistance?

If you are in need of any assistance or wish to speak with an expert, you can contact HRSSC for assistance. Contact may be established in any of the following conditions-

  • If you are not capable of hearing
  • If you are unable to use the telephone or internet owing to a medical reason
  • If you have received a message while accessing the PostalEase which direct you to contact the HRSSC while making a change in your TSP
  • In order to contact the HRSSC, you need to call the Employee Service Line at 1-877-477-3273 and when you are asked, choose 5 for HRSSC. Once there, select Benefits which shall directly connect you with a representative who will assist you with the problem. For employees who are deaf or incapable of hearing, a separate Federal Relay Service is available. You can contact it at 1-800-877-8339 for any kind of assistance.

Changing the USPS Liteblue PIN

The PIN of the employee is extremely crucial and prevents intruders from gaining unauthorized access to confidential pieces of information like bidding records, etc. it is for this reason that before you change your USPS PIN, you must identify yourself using one of these methods-

  • If a request is made in person by the employee using a picture ID
  • For maintaining written records, it must be noted that a supervisor must be signed the request to confirm it.

You must make sure that no changes must be made to your pin based on a phone call as it is not safe and secure. liteblue postalease login is highly secure and you can access it from anywhere in the United States.

Change Postalease password

Usually, the password expires after the completion of 30 days. If you are to change the password of your Liteblue/PostalEase web application, it must be ideally done every time you are about to change your mainframe password. Follow these steps to reset your Postal Ease password-

  • First Finish PostalEase Login at
  • From the primary selection screen, locate and click on the password link which is present under WEBADMIN
  • The window for changing the password will appear right in front of you.
  • Type the new password in the given box and re-enter the password to avoid any mistakes on your part.
  • Make sure your password must be alphanumeric or a combination of letters and numbers. Also, it must contain a minimum of 6 characters.
  • When you are done, click on the Submit option and you will see a new screen with the message that your password has been changed successfully.
  • Click Log off button and log in again to check your new password

Thus, PostalEase is a convenient yet secure platform to get access to allotments, spending accounts, Liteblue TSP, etc. once you are aware of the nitty-gritty of the system, you can access it to take important decisions regarding your finances and records at USPS.