USPS IdeaSMART Program: Share Your Ideas

Now all United States Postal Service employees can share their ideas with the organization through USPS LiteBlue IdeaSMART.

USPS IdeaSMART Program

USPS IdeaSMART Program

USPS IdeaSMART program aims to give all workers a chance to be heard and share their views on some challenges that directly affect the daily operation of USPS. Such challenges include income generation, marketing, sustainability, employee engagement, and many more.

When you share your ideas via this program, you help USPS deliver its services. Furthermore, all employees can comment and vote for the best views shared by other USPS employees.

However, to share your ideas on IdeaSMART, they should be specific, relevant, and solve the posted business challenge.

So, are you a USPS employee? Continue reading the guide to learn more about LiteBlue IdeaSMART.

How Can USPS Employees Participate in IdeaSMART?

Before you familiarize yourself with different ways of participating in IdeaSMART, you can access this web platform through your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

There are three ways of participating in IdeaSMART. They include;

  • Business Challenges
  • Open Ideas Forum
  • Comment and Vote

You can only share your ideas posted on business challenges for Business Challenges.

The Open Ideas Forum allows you to share your thoughts on different business challenges that are not posted.

Comment and Vote enable you to submit your comments and vote for the brilliant ideas written by your colleagues.

How to Log In to IdeaSMART?

If you are a USPS employee, you can log in to IdeaSMART at any time from anywhere. Therefore, to sign in, go to the IdeaSMART platform.


Then select one of the following options.

  • ACE ID and Password
  • Postal Employee ID and Password
  • After that, click Log In.
  • By signing in, you can view ideas and implement ideas.
  • Access your Liteblue ePayroll earnings statement online.

Steps to Submit an Individual Idea

When you want to submit a unique idea, you can do that through the Open Ideas Forum. Once logged in, you can go to the Open Ideas Forum.

Then select the organization that is suitable for your idea. Such organizations include;

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Information Security
  • Inspection Service
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Corporate Communications

And many more.

You can now click on Submit New Idea when you choose your preferred choice.

The following is the information you need to fill in when you want to submit a new idea.

  • The idea title a minimum of sixty-four characters
  • The description. A minimum of a thousand characters
  • Your solution. No minimum number of characters.

Here is what the Submit Your Idea page looks like.

After filling in the required details, you can click Submit to share your New Idea with USPS through IdeaSMART.

How to Submit an Idea to Active Business Challenges?

If you don’t have a unique idea, you can submit your thoughts on active business challenges.

To do that, log in and click on View Ideas.

If it is your first time and doesn’t know how this platform operates, you can do a Demo Challenge.

However, if you have the experience, you can scroll down and see the active business challenges.

Choose your preferred one by clicking Enter the Challenge.

After that, click on Submit New Idea. Type your idea, and when done, click submit.

NB: Remember, the idea you submit can be read with other employees, and you cannot change anything once you send the view. To make changes, you can add a comment to your idea.

What are the Tips When Submitting an Idea?

This is the most crucial part before you get to submit your idea either on the Open Idea Forum or posted business challenges.

Here are the tips you should know.


  • When it comes to clarity, you should begin by describing and showing an example of a related issue that occurred in the past. Make sure your submission has an introduction and conclusion to help those reading your idea.
  • Don’t confuse or contradict your statements at any time. Furthermore, insert attachments like graphs or visuals if you have them. Lastly, give a solution to the business challenge.


  • Don’t just write anything because you feel you have a clue about it. No, your idea should be relevant. It should be logical and significant to the above challenge.

Propose a Solution

  • Give a solution to the problem. Ensure that your solution conforms to the challenge and ensure it should be specific and relevant.

Be Aware of the 3Ps

  • The 3Ps consist of policies, programs, and the Postal Service.
  • Remember, these challenges are to help you and other employees positively. Therefore, according to IdeaSMART, your submissions should not be personal thoughts because personal thoughts may promote venting and hence become withdrawn from the platform.

What are the Ineligible Ideas?

Knowing the three policies is valuable and helps your ideas become implemented. However, some views are not allowed.

  • First, ideas that, when implemented, can cause an impact on you and other employees in various ways. The view you submit should not infringe upon salaries, working conditions, benefits, and other collective bargaining agreements/fair labor standards.
  • Another employee should not have submitted your idea, which is considered for implementation or has been implemented.
  • Those ideas that advocate for change in postage rates or the rate structure
  • If realized, an idea will go against local laws and state or federal regulations.
  • The idea should not be associated with new stamp designs, denominations, and special services.

How to Contact IdeaSMART?

Are there ideas I can avoid?

You are advised to avoid ideas that cannot bring a positive impact on USPS and its employees.

Is there a deadline for submitting ideas?

For the open idea forum, there are no deadlines. But for active business challenges, there is a deadline for when you can submit your idea.

Can I share my idea offline?

You can through your supervisor, but it is recommended that you submit your ideas through IdeaSMART, as other employees can discuss and review your statement.

Do I retain intellectual property ownership of my idea?

No, you cannot claim ownership of the idea you submit through IdeaSMART.

Who can access IdeaSMART?

All United States Postal Service employees can access IdeaSMART.

Who can share an Idea using Liteblue IdeaSMART?

When it comes to an open ideas forum, every USPS employee can share their thoughts. However, for active business challenges, not all will be available for participation by all workers. Some require ideas from employees from the specified department.


To get your idea to improve the services the USPS provides to its employees and members, you can visit IdeaSMART. Through this platform, you can be assured that your thought will become implemented after review and discussion by your colleagues. With all this information, I believe that you have learned a lot about LiteBlue IdeaSMART.

For any queries about this platform or any question relating to LiteBlue, leave a comment, and we will give you a solution without hesitation. Thanks for your time.

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