How to Forward USPS Mail? Mail Forwarding Form, Cost & FAQ

If you are a USPS mail member, I bet you know about the Mail Forwarding option. To many people, it seems like an easy task, but that’s not the way it is. Relocation is the main factor that necessitates you to seek for USPS mail forwarding service. There are many things that you must consider before you are eligible for USPS Mail forwarding service.

You must know about mail forwarding form, how much it cost, and FAQs about mail forwarding. So, if you have been looking for this information, look no more because all required information about Forwarding USPS mail is right here.

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guide to Forward USPS Mail

About Mail Forwarding Form

You need to visit to begin this process. First, you must change your address before you proceed further.

Go to or to begin the mail forwarding request.

They are web pages that will facilitate change of address.

During this process, three forms can be filled by you.

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Business

So, depending on which of the three you will select, you must give all the information required.

Individual Form For Forwarding Mail

If you are the only person moving, then you need to fill out this form. You will enter your First, Middle, or Initial, last name, and your email address under the contact information. Also, you are required to enter your phone number and type of phone.

  • Are you temporarily or permanently moving? It is the other information needed.
  • Then choose the date when you want to receive forwarded mails to your new address.
  • Additionally, fill out your old and new addresses. Make sure you indicate your zip code, city, state, and street address.
  • To go to the next step, you are required to tick on the box that you agree to the terms and conditions.

NB: For family and business forms, they are like the individual form. But few details are unlike. So, choose the one applicable to you.

Does USPS Charge for Mail Forwarding?

Yes, if you are doing the process online, you have to pay a fee of $1.05. The fee is for identification and verification purposes. Through your credit card, they can fully verify it is you requesting mail forwarding. However, if you do the process personally and take the forms directly to the post office, it is free.

How long Does USPS Forward Mail?

Forwarding mail via USPS is not endless. It will reach a time that the service will stop, but you can renew the service. The mail forwarding process will take a maximum of a year. That means you will receive all your essential Mail such as First-class package services, first-class mails, and priority mails. Also, within the period, you must notify all businesses, family, friends, and other institutions of your changing your mail address.

For newspapers and magazines, they will be forwarded for only two months. So, you must update with the newspaper and magazine deliveries of your address after the two months if you want never to have hitches receiving all your Mails. You should inform every institution like banks of your new change of address.

NB: It is preferable that for your package and mail forwarding should be done via the post office.

Where are My Mails?

It has taken more than 7 to 10 business days, and you haven’t received any mail on your new address. You are panicking. But that should not be the case. To get answers about why you aren’t receiving any mails, you need to visit the nearby post office with your ID card. By doing so, they can verify you and help you solve the puzzle quickly.

How Can I Know that My Request was Acknowledged?

Once you are done filling out the required mail forwarding forms. Many USPS members cannot verify if the forms were received or not. That is if you did deliver the forms personally to the post office. To know that your request was received.

You will get a customer notification letter or welcome kit from USPS on your new address. They will have a confirmation code that you can use later to edit or call off mail forwarding. If you did the process online, check out your inbox for new messages from USPS. Like the person who delivered the forms personally, you will get a custom notification and validation letter together with the confirmation code on your new address.

Does Mail Forwarding Delay Mail?

If you are looking forward to changing your address, you should request for mail forwarding earlier before you relocate. That will prevent delays. It takes between 7 to 12 days for you to start receiving mail. So, to avoid mail delays, you need to perform the request 12 days before moving to your new address.


What are the mail forwarding options?

  • There are three mail forwarding options. Temporary, permanent change of address, and premium forwarding service residential.

Can I Apply for Change of address refund request?

  • You cannot request a refund for applying for a change of address. The fee you pay is to verify your identity and cannot be refunded.

How long does it take to receive the Change of Address Welcome Kit?

  • When you receive the welcome kit which usually takes five postal business days. It is a confirmation that you have successfully changed your address.


After a request by many of our readers on how to forward USPS mail, the guideline is right here. Read it step by step and follow every instruction when requesting for mail forwarding. Thank you for your time. Please share this piece of information with other USPS members.