Claim USPS Lost Package or Missing Mail

Has your USPS mail or package never been delivered to you?

The letter or parcel sent to you must be lost when such a scenario occurs.

So, what do you do when your USPS package is missing or lost?

When your USPS Package is lost or missing, the first step is not to panic and call the mail or package delivery company or USPS customer care. If the packages or Mail didn’t reach you and you were insured, you should file a claim. The claim service works for you if you are the sender or receiver.

After receiving numerous queries from our readers about the process of claiming lost, missing packages or mail, We thought the best thing is to come up with a simplified guide to help our readers understand the seamless process of filing a claim on USPS.

Find USPS Missing Mail
Find Missing Mail

How to Start the claim process USPS Lost Package?

If you have not received your mail or package on the day of delivery or after seven days. You must take the necessary actions. First, you must open the Find Missing Mail. After that, you need to check the current status of your package by visiting the tracking page.

To file the claim, you need to fill in the help request form and finally submit a missing or lost package search request. Finally, you can contact your local post office or local consumer affairs office through 1-800-272-8777.

USPS Says Delivered in Mailbox but No Package

When you check your USPS online account, and you notice that the package that hasn’t been delivered to you is marked delivered. Then there might be a problem. Many people face this problem but don’t know what to do.

USPS mail not delivered
USPS Mail Delivery Van

It’s best if you contact USPS or go to your local post office and inform them that your mail or package hasn’t been delivered. Additionally, you can check with your courier company if they picked the package or letter and when they will deliver it.

If that’s not the case, please contact or visit USPS or your local post office, respectively.

How to Submit a Missing Package Request?

To submit a request for a lost or missing package, you need to visit To continue, you must sign up or sign in. Start filling the Complete Search Request Form. Ensure you entirely give all the necessary information.

After filling the form, click on Submit, and you will be notified that your submission of your search request has been received. In case you aren’t decided about filing the search request form, you have seven days to submit the draft form.

The Best Time to File Missing or Lost Package Request?

You have 365 days after the date when the package was mailed to file for missing or lost parcel. However, that timeline is not the best for you, but the earlier you submit your missing or lost package request. The earlier your issue will be investigated.

Types of Packages Not Eligible for Search if Lost or Missing

Once you submit a missing package request, USPS or your local post office will commence a search for your package. The thing you should keep in mind is that you might find or never find the package.

USPS doesn’t assure you that you will get all your packages. Also, when it comes to searching, they have a strict policy as they cannot search for packages that contain the following things.

  • Live ammunition and handguns
  • Perishables or foodstuff
  • Hazardous materials
  • Opened hair or beauty products
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Medical drugs

How to Check My Lost or Missing Package Request?

To know the progress of the missing package request you submitted. Go to view my status on the Missing Mail application page. The following are status that you will get when you visit the page.

  • Accepted or received
  • Mailpiece found
  • Expired
  • Saved as draft
  • Rejected
  • Canceled

Missing or Lost Package is Recovered

When your package is recovered successfully. USPS or your local post office will package it nicely and send it to your address. You will get a notification via email or through your USPS account. It will inform you that your package has been found and has been sent to your address.

What if My Package is not Found?

You might be tired or even forget that you filed missing mail requests. But when you inquire, you notice that the mailpiece has not been found. If that is the case, you will get a message via your email that your package cannot be traced.

Different Packages are Missing or Lost

You might not be lucky, and the various packages you were expecting were not delivered. After waiting for some days, your courier service company didn’t deliver them either. What you need to do is to file separate missing mail request forms.

By doing so, you will get help fast and easy.

How to Edit your Search Request?

You can edit your missing package search request. Go to Missing Mail Search page and select edit. If you want to add or remove listed items from your search request, you can. Remember that you are not permitted to edit any other information.

Requesting a Refund For Lost Package

If your package was using Priority Mail Express, you could ask for a refund.

Filing a Lost Package Claim

File a Claim Official Page
File a Claim

Were the packages you send or were receiving insured? You can file a claim through your insurance company. Submitting the request should be done early but no after sixty days from the mailing date.


Thank you for reading this piece. I am sure that you have learned more about how to claim your lost or missing mail piece via USPS.

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